wExcelle is an online publishing company based in Nagpur, India. We create online content in domains of –

  • DIY arts and crafts
  • Organic Home Remedies, and
  • Graphic Designing

With its successful youtube channel and website dedicated to organic health and DIY home remedies, wExcelle has created a solid platform for publishing content that reaches to over 10 million audiences per month.

StylEnrich Youtube

StylEnrich is the DIY Art and Craft channel on youtube. It has gathered over 58,208,657 views since the time of its inception. With over more than 254k subscribers from all over the world, it boosts a very strong and loyal user base that enjoy and share the content produced by StylEnrich.

StylEnrich Website

StylEnrich website is dedicated to Home Remedies and DIY Natural Care Tips. Its major focus is on women related issues like Health, beauty, makeup and lifestyle. The site is updated daily with fresh and informative content. With over 100000 viewsership per month the site is becoming increasingly popular across major social media channels.


IconOrbit.com is a home of FREE graphics, icons and design elements for web designers and Illustrators across the globe. We produce quality icons and other graphical elements and release them for use under free creative commons license. The site is a helpful resource for graphic designer and artists.