Industry Agnostic Vertical Solutions 

Solutions are essentially Product + Service mix solutions, the aim is to cover as much and add maximized value to a process or a product or both through the solutions we deliver. The processes covered makes up Entry to Exit of any business and focusses mainly on Realtime Digital Transformation & Hyper Decision Making frameworks.

Solutions Built with Business Demand Driven Architecture

Car Factory

Cyber Physical Automation Solutions

We help build SMART systems and processes, products that adequately tracks physical world operations by creating process wise digital footprint on realtime basis, integrating with advanced analytics, both Big Data, Data Lake based as well from multiple sensor driven inputs. Including Vision Technologies.


Our solution capabilities foray into Analytics, Vision Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and form solutions that are in the space of Operating Technologies, Internet of Things, Automation of Things, Analytics of Things. 

Digital Presence & Authority Establishment Solutions

Designed for One Person Domain Experts, the solutions addresses the key struggles encountered for Knowledge capture, storage, authority building, knowledge and awareness dissemination through set of procedures and tools, custom built for large scale distribution management.

The solution components include Video Listing Optimization, eBooks development tools and is backed by people skills.

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DevOps, Infrastructure & Project Management Solution

Setting up a capacity delivery center is a massive undertaking, requiring multiple types of skills and vendors to come along, perform together to deliver the infrastructure with state of the Art equipment and process driven operations that ensure all levels of security and standards are in place, even before the resources are starting production.

Simera has the experience to assemble a capital investment free model, that minimizes the risk of expansion and ensures mission & vision success.

Employee Risk & Social Security Solutions

Everything goes online and information bias is as its peak, causing and contributing to unforeseen risks to businesses through inadvertent means. A single social media post is capable of shutting down businesses or cause serious damage; open up to competitor and critical security risks. We provide Delphi led, Analytics driven solutions to assess and provide curative measures to identify, sort out and prevent the unforeseen from happening.

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Healthcare Operations Governance Solutions

Digital Transformation in Healthcare is vast and exhaustive, Simera has achieved few solution implementations in operations management, research and real world testing, last mile delivery and remote healthcare delivery.

Additionally, we have focus on the untapped Data Science and Analytics arena, where in problem statement comes undefined and only data exists, the machine learning, artificial intelligence is left to do its thing to get an outcome and make sense of the data.