Hybrid Outsourcing

Get full risk averse model of outsourcing wherein, 20% of Key Project Management Staff are nearshore and 80% of the production resources are offshore.

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Simera offers Hi-Tech Skills on temporary Lease

Get programmers, testers, project managers and full stack developers on hire.

How it Works?

Tell us who you need and for how long and where… We will identify the resource, and you can interview them.




You like the resource, we agree on the pay terms, hire them for you and place them at your location (or they work from a remote location)




You can hire them based on your 

  • Budget

  • Experience range

  • Duration




Your work is completed, you can choose to 

  • Hire the resource on your direct payroll 

  • Discontinue the work relationship with them, either

    • Permanently or

    • Intermittently (at which point, they are assigned to some other project or customer location)



Have us manage a build, manage and operate a team for you



Minimal commitment period of six months… and get comprehensive service delivery assurance.


Why work with us?

We are certified A+ category sponsor with right compliance and eligibility to attract skills across the globe to the United Kingdom.


Full Stack Programmers

MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node/React JS

Software Quality Assurance

Manual, Automated, Code Review, Performance, VAPT 

Cloud Server Management Skills

Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure

Mobile Native Programmers

iOS, Android, Flutter, React Native, Ionic

Engineering Design Skills

AUTOCAD Mechnical, Electrical, Civil, Structural 

Also, How do we ensure Success?

We have come to realize that the project environment is a key influencer in ensuring a successful project governance and operational excellence.


A good software development infrastructure is very important to ensure that every member of the team gets to work with ease and only needs to focus on what they need to do, instead of having to ‘ad-hoc’ their time into managing deployment, infrastructure, beta testing and such.


In fact, 50% of projects success does depend on the environment and framework support.


Thus, a well structured DevOps is often deployed by us, with zero additional cost to our clients.


So, what you get for free includes:

0 cost of infrastructure, from machines, to software licenses

0 cost of technical escalation management

0 cost of productivity tracking

0 cost of skills development

0 cost of development, testing and best practices implementation

0 cost of code quality, code baseline configurations

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Simera has built successful, vertically integrated organizations that are catering to niche industries with predominant focus on "Technology for Good" and "Digital Transformation". 

We see the trend of "Intelligent, Automated Everything" becoming a everyday reality and have cultivated skills and capabilities towards enabling "transformation" in truest sense of the word.