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Our Service Verticals

Innovation to Commercialization

Get seamless migration of your legacy systems into modern Cloud computing infrastructure. Refactor existing code base for modern code, build to last for the future of advanced computing and leverage the latest in modern technology, including development of mobile capabilities and advanced analytics integration.

Hyper Automation and Analytics

Get Hyper Automation, with real time data capture and analytics to reduce operational risks & losses. With implementation of real time data capturing via Internet of Things (IoT) kind of technologies, it is possible to prevent 40% of loss making scenarios from ever occurring in operations.

Cyber Physical Integrated Systems Engineering

Merge virtual and real world operations using IoT, Vision Technologies for better Governance, save on operating costs, achieve better compliance monitoring capabilities. Get into the next level of industrial revolution with just in time solutions. This includes multiple locations operations design to serve the manufacturing requirements of companies engaged in emerging technologies related to Medical Electronics, Industrial Automation, Robotics and Autonomous systems.

Product & Process Engineering

Apply Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, NLP to make your Processes & Products 'SMART' by combining all aspects of engineering design associated with the development of special purpose machines, plant and process automation, specialised material handling systems, networks for machine intelligence and safety compliance systems. Services offered includes layout design, process sequencing and machine synchronisation for fully integrated lines.

Industry, Engineering Design, Design for Manufacturing

Get comprehensive engineering design services that seamlessly integrate key technological disciplines. Included in the engagement are all primary design disciplines such as mechanical/electrical/electronic/civil/structural and necessary specialisations in material/fluid/thermodynamics, acoustics, we provide a one-stop solution for sophisticated applied engineering in product design, machine design and plant engineering.

Skill Augmentation & Nearshoring

Acquire Nearshore/Offshore and Hybrid Model-Driven Competencies. Simera provides high-tech skills on a short-term lease basis. Hire programmers, testers, project managers, and full-stack developers from a network of qualified candidates.

Abstract Background

Actualize your vision from Concept to Commercialization

Simera offers a specialised set of resources from around the world. We augment technologies and curate skills to create fully analysed solutions ranging from business process specific to integrated intelligent device-driven solutions to support enterprise lifecycle management and industrial smart environments.