Our Mission

We strive to be a one-stop shop for industries seeking to integrate emerging technologies for the purpose of enhancing product value chains, competitive market positioning, global expansion, and achieving a high intellectual valuation.

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Our Story

Simera was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in the United Kingdom's capital city of London. We have since designed and delivered business transformation solutions to the market on a consistent basis. 

We have pioneered some of the most well-known and rapidly growing solutions for enterprises, retail markets, and consumer-driven sectors, ranging from high-level talent to world-class product architecture. We've adopted the motto "Technology for Good" as our rallying cry and will continue to focus our efforts on initiatives that have the greatest potential for positive change.

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80% of our personnel have over 15 years of experience and are subject matter experts in a variety of sectors and vertical domains.


Simera manages a diverse portfolio of businesses and is involved in a range of industries, including technology, engineering, communication, marketing, and intellectual capital management.


We are proud of our solutions' societal influence and envision ourselves as the future of automated, hyper-intelligent solutions.

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Experienced Leadership

The People

Management Team of Simera!

Neil Mehta

The Man who started it all.


In summary, Neil has built, invested in and exited from multiple high value companies, over course of four decades.

His passion is in Investment on Value and people who bring forth the value that translates into "Technology for Good"

Hardy Thomas

Avant-Garde Technology Evangelist

Brilliant Architect and Designer, with passion for continuously upgrading his technical skills and knowledge. Leads the technology operation with the precision of a Swiss watch.

Likes music, meditates and builds awesome products for the Simera group as well as for its clients.

Heads mExcelle Technologies Private Limited.

Sachin "the Operator" Thomas

Services Delivery Never Had a Better​ Operator.

Highly qualified in Project Management, runs a tight ship  delivery management operation; certified and hands on, has traversed software, hardware, logistics, learning and capacity building.

He is a man of action, with tactical acumen of battled hardened global operations delivery experience.

Nick Griffith

Likes to Engineer "the Market"

Creative with words, adapt in articulating complex products and services to simple, meaningful market messages that captivates its target and adds tremendous value to the recipients.

Always the charmer.

Ravi VC

The Good with Numbers Guy.


Makes alliances and brings a world of business analysis and dynamism to business engagements.

Trusted with ensuring success in untested markets, with new and old, forever changing service paradigm.


Mehul Sadiya

Finance, Investments and Venture Development

Leads business accounting, PnL, revenue operations, provides audit and recommendations on investments and is a direct investor in several industry run businesses.

Business we Built

Independent Profit Center Operations


Our Partners

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We are

We have consistent opening with us for Software, Digital Marketing, Business Development Skills.