Simera has made investments into areas that aims at improving efficiency and competitive advantage for the struggling industries (and people) by the use of advanced technologies, research and financial re-alignment.

The Group

The team consists of people from various scientific, management,  finance, technical, marketing and sourcing backgrounds.

We also have analysts, manufacturers, traders associated with us.

The companies in the group has vertical focus on Deep Tech - AI, IoT, AoT, Digital Transformation, Research & Development Infrastructure, Innovation to Commercialization.



40 year veteran with multiple ventures under him. He serves on the board of multiple companies and has governed multi-Million dollar revenue generating organizations.


Tech evangelist & architect, with hands on experience in delivering well rounded products using Web and AI technologies.


Blue Ocean Specialist with three market monopoly generating experience. Expert in Procurement, Sourcing, Marketing & Financial Negotiations. Experienced in handling $3.5 billions in portfolio engagements.


Experienced Project Management operative with nearly two decades of high end project delivery and complex project handling track record.


Information Technology specialist in the areas of software, hardware and networking. Has been supporting Small to Medium and Enterprise business across Florida and California for over two decades.


Accomplished Chief Executive and NED spearheading complex commercial strategies and projects to successful outcomes


Internet Marketing Specialist with extensive background in logistics, supply chain, trading and networking. Operating in Canada with a global network of traders and business owners of various products and services.


Veteran strategy developer with years of finance, investment, banking and compliance management experience. Well networked, serves as a primary goto advisor for expansion governance among several industry leaders