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Simera Limited, founded in 2005, has been offering Best Practices driven Digital Transformation, Innovation Excellence, Learning & Development, and Organizational Excellence to organisations in the United Kingdom and around the world.

Our Service Layers

Connecting Dots

Navigate Your Business into the Future by adapting Emerging Technologies

Any modernization of operations using Operation Technologies needs substantial planning, understanding of the RoI in terms of  value, market advantage and sustained process management, improvement. Simera helps put together the right plans and with right set of knowledge, skills for successful implementation.

Innovation to Commercialization

We help transition ideas to realized MVP, Beta and highly scalable products, solutions through Envisioning, Build, Test & Deploy stages

Cyber Physical Integrated Systems Engineering

Merge virtual and real world operations using IoT, Vision Technologies for better Governance

Industry, Engineering Design

Get comprehensive engineering design services with multiple specialities working together to provide a seamless integration of major technical disciplines.

Hyper Automation and Analytics

Get Hyper Automation, with real time data capture and analytics to reduce operational risks & losses

Product & Process Engineering

Apply Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, NLP to make your Processes & Products 'SMART'

Skill Augmentation & Nearshoring

Get Nearshore/Offshore skills for your technology needs, including and not limited to coding, but also quality assurance, project management & more.

Our Motto: Success as a Service

Coding Station

Natural Capability for Comprehensive Solution Design & Engineering

Our work begins with abstract concepts. Our clientele are 99% business users from a variety of different backgrounds. From engineers to manufacturing sectors to retail firms, we have you covered.

Not only do we provide the discipline and concentration necessary to build a solid, well-architected solution, but we also develop the return on investment scenario(s) necessary for our clients to thoroughly assess and make any and all decisions with total information availability.

This eliminates the need for steep learning curves and diverts attention away from technical arbitrations, allowing our customers to focus entirely on their business routines while we build, operate, and provide solutions to them and their consumer base.

Additionally, we assist with the establishment of Centers of Excellence for enterprise solution requirements.


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Industry Agnostic

Team Working in the System Room

Want to See the Most Comprehensive Business Driven Solution Made?

With exceptional technical expertise we create a solution that is driven by business DEMAND architecture, not just technology.

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Why we Advocate Advanced Applied Technologies?

By merging Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Vision Technology, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) in your Product and Process Engineering, you can achieve a full spectrum of technology and business integration through automation and be a step ahead of competition through enhanced capability augmented by intelligence.